Patrick Arbour                 Hockey


"Pat sees the game in a different way than most. allowing him to pick up on the little things in your shot, stick handling, balance to give you an advantage over your competition"

Nat Halbert 

McGill University D

Pat has supported me through my career at the university of Vermont and his coaching helped me get to the Toronto Furies of the CWHL. I can’t thank him enough for the little tweaks and changes that go unnoticed by coaches during day to day practices. It is the small changes in techniques and strategies that you make in yourself that lead to the greatest improvements as you progress in your career. I am a better player and person for the time I have spent with Pat.

Mack MacNeil 

University of Vermont

Toronto Furies

Hi Coach Pat,

I wanted to share this good news with you.  Last night I signed with the Stouffville Clippers AA team!  Thank you for all the hard work you did with me over the last 2 seasons.  Your training, coaching and confidence in me made such a difference.  I am so proud to have jumped from Local League to AA competitive hockey. The hard work has just begun, and hope to work more with you this year.  Thanks again!!  

TO 2005

Pat Arbour has been one of my daughter's skills and strength coaches for many years.  His innovative teaching methods, along with utilizing video for the spot correction of mistakes are second to none.  The attention to detail he has in his teaching methods not only yield results but also keep the training sessions fun. We have two daughters that have been playing high-level hockey and rugby for many years now, and we struggled in finding someone to work with them that treats them like athletes, not "little girl" athletes.  Patrick Arbour most certainly was that coach, he can be firm and fun and the girls always felt encouraged and empowered.  I think Pat's many years as a coach of both male and female athletes helped influence his style as does the fact he's a family man and father himself.  

Communication and teaching styles are great, but the other important factor we've seen from our girl's sessions with Pat is RESULTS both on and off the ice and pitch.  As a hockey skills coach, you won't be disappointed.  His teaching behind the mechanics of shooting are unmatched and his work in stick handling, comfort with body contact and tight area skills are elite.

MH Parent of 3

Over the years my daughter and son have experienced excellent one on one training with Pat. His professionalism, knowledge and experience without question has been a huge part of their success both on and off the ice......a true hockey guy.

CL Parent of Great Kids

We weren't sure about taking our son for classes..he's a pretty shy kid and it takes him a while to warm up to people. Enter Pat...right from the start we noticed that Pat has a keen ability to connect with kids..and to make them feel at ease. Our son felt ZERO pressure...Pat worked with him from where he was..slow and steady to make sure he was getting it. Going to Pat became the highlight of our son's week. Over time, his confidence increased, as did his skill. Our son is still a kid of few words but few words are needed between him and Pat these days. We wholeheartedly recommend Pat.

CN Parent of 2010